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Aim and Scope

Journal of Biosphere aims to serve as a platform for scientists, researchers, and scholars from diverse fields to disseminate original research findings, review articles, and new reports, contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and understanding of the biosphere.

Our motto is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and foster a holistic understanding of the biosphere and its complex interactions with the surrounding environment.

Scope: The Journal of Biosphere publishes original research, reviews, and new reports in a wide range of fields relevant to the biosphere, including: Biosciences, Biosciences, Biotechnology, Physical sciences, Earth sciences, Astronomy, Chemical sciences, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular genetics, Molecular biology, Genome science, Oceanology, Climatology, And related disciplines

Key Features:

Open access: All published content is freely accessible to a global audience, fostering collaboration and knowledge dissemination.

Rigorous peer-review: Submissions undergo a thorough and unbiased review process by experts in the respective fields, ensuring the publication of high-quality, original research articles.

Focus on recent trends: The journal covers emerging topics in various disciplines to provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge exploration of the biosphere.

Commitment to excellence: The journal upholds high standards of quality, intellectual integrity, scientific accuracy, and methodological rigor.

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